Past Workshops

Please check out Timothy’s previous workshops below. If you are interested having Timothy teach a workshop at your studio or center please contact him for available dates. If you have an idea for a workshop for Timothy to teach please let him know.

Winter Solstice Yoga

Solstice Soulshine: Yoga to awaken and strengthen your divine spark. Winter Solstice, the darkest night of the year, is honored in many spiritual traditions as a time to look deep within. Willpower, determination, consciousness and inner strength are required for the spiritual work of wintertime, and these qualities are all strengthened by agni, our inner …

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Meditation Basics Workshop

Explore the ancient yogic practice of meditation. Learn techniques to still the mind, connect with the body, reduce stress and promote healing.  In this workshop we will explore several different yogic philosophies and their related meditation techniques.

Cultivating Radiance and Energy Workshop

In this workshop you will gain a deeper awareness of Prana, the “life force energy” of the body.  We will learn to activate, cultivate and control this energy through the yoga practices of pranayama (breathing), kriya (cleansing techniques), mudra (energy circuits) and bandha (energetic seals). These simple exercises create strong energetic states that can be used …

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