Pranayama Basics Workshop

Pranayamas are breathing exercises developed by the ancient yogis for purification, mental focus, rejuvenation and healing. Prana translates into “life force energy” and Yama translates into “control or mastery of”. Pranayama can be used to energize, focus, calm, and balance the energies of the body, mind and emotions.

In this workshop you will learn: the history of pranayama, yogic anatomy of prana (chakras and nadis), anatomy and physiology of breathing, seven primary pranayamas (dirga, ujjayi, kapalabhati, nadi sodhana, bhramari, shitali, sit-cari), exercises to enhance breathing and open the lungs, and how to use pranayama in yoga and everyday life. Most importantly, you will learn to reestablish proper breathing techniques to improve your physical health and mental well being.

Saturday June 8th. 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Workshop Fee: $10-25 donation
Casa YogiTim (Timothy’s home in West Asheville)

Space is very limited – Pre-registration required. Address and directions will be emailed after you register.

Workshop is SOLD OUT!